Deep Dive – Browser UI Extensions
Nieuws, TechTuesday |
24 april 2018

During the Modern Customer Experience 2018 in Chicago we attended a workshop about Browser UI Extensions. This is a JavaScript framework that can be used to extend the functionality of...

TechTuesday deep dive: answer versioning
Nieuws, TechTuesday |
27 februari 2018

Last week we wrote about the new features of the 18A version of Oracle Service Cloud. At TKC digital we are particularly excited about the new answer versioning. TKC adopted...

OSC release 18A
News, TechTuesday |
20 februari 2018

What is waiting for you in the Oracle Service Cloud 18A release? This month Oracle will release the 18A version of Oracle Service Cloud. It is the second release after...

Sidebar Customer Journey
Nieuws, TechTuesday |
13 februari 2018

Check out our new release: the Sidebar! The Sidebar is an add-on that you can use on your own customer website. It provides your customers with easy access to knowledge and contact channels....

Meet TechTuesday
Nieuws, TechTuesday |
7 februari 2018

Hierbij de allereerste TechTuesday update! Tijdens onze TechTuesdays delen wij technische weetjes, zo houden wij jullie op de hoogte van alle ontwikkelingen op digitaal gebied! Deze week gaat het over Oracle...