Ns International
Nieuws, TKC-Flix |
18 februari 2016

NS International has a strong focus on improving their customer experience. This video shows you how they improved the customer experience in a multi channel environment. TKC is proud to...

Is Digital Transformation Possible Without Missing the Human Aspect?
TKC-Flix |
25 december 2015

Listen to our colleague Henk Haak (0:34) what he has to say about digital transformation and the human role!

Oracle CX Helps Deliver a Superior Customer Experience
TKC-Flix |
28 augustus 2015

Discover how Fastaff, General Motors, Convergys, T-Mobile, and Maritz are using Oracle CX Solutions to transform their businesses. Check out the video below.

Elsevier Enhances Web Self-Service and Customer Experience
Nieuws, TKC-Flix |
30 juli 2015

Elsevier implemented Oracle Service Cloud throughout its contact centers to improve customer experience, understand its customers better, drive self-service, and deliver more complete responses to customer queries. Check out the...

Animation knowledge base Ziggo
Nieuws, TKC-Flix |
3 juli 2015

Watch the video below and check out the cool animation Ziggo made for their new knowledge base!

Nieuws, TKC-Flix |
1 juli 2015

KPN made a video about how a knowledge base and the team behind it functions. There’s alot going on behind the scenes of a knowledge base. Watch our work get poured...

customer service
TKC-Flix |
27 juni 2015

A very informative and enlightening video of Oracle and T-Mobile of the Netherlands sharing their experiences and thoughts about the new generation of web customer service. The video also touches...

t-mobile netherlands
TKC-Flix |
25 juni 2015

T-Mobile Netherlands implemented Oracle Service Cloud to create the next generation of web customer service by combining web self-service and communities. With that, they increased support channels, lowered costs, and...

oracle service cloud
TKC-Flix |
22 juni 2015

Oracle Service Cloud; what’s in a name? Oracle Service Cloud offers a wide range of possibilities. Mobile Support Portals, Live Chat, Contextual Agent Desktop and Field Service Management: See Oracle...