Freshworks Partner to Offer Solutions Built for Customer Engagement
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28 May 2020

Partnership to provide companies in the Benelux market with solutions that strengthen their customer engagement. Utrecht, Netherlands  – TKC digital, a pioneer in knowledge base solutions in the Netherlands, for...

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2 December 2019

  Companies invest in the latest technology. However they struggle to realize full value, with an innovation achievement gap as a result. According to Gartner: 50% of transformations fail to...

How to use technology to achieve an equilibrium between operational efficiency and consumer advocacy?
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10 December 2018

More customer consult organizations for answers through google, mobile, chatbots and online. Organizations focus on a shift to digital channels but struggle to this from a real customer perspective. Companies...

The Future of Oracle Service Cloud
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1 November 2018

Curious about the future of Oracle Service Cloud (OSC)? How do you integrate functional chatbots into Service Cloud? And what are the latest developments in the field of Oracle? Discover...

Modern conversations ask for micro content
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16 October 2018

We use content all the time. But do we know how to use it? We notice a number things when it comes to content: Duplicate, uncoordinated content Source content that...

What’s new in Oracle Service Cloud 18c
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11 September 2018

What’s new in Oracle Service Cloud 18C? Oracle has released the 18C version of Oracle Service Cloud. It is the fourth release after the standardization of the naming conventions of...

Knowledge Management Building Block #2!
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2 August 2018

Why Service Content and Branded Content fell in Love Nowadays, people often start their service journeys online. So how can we increase online conversion rates? Any ideas? We know! Make...

Fresh SmartStart Knowledge base
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31 July 2018

Glimpse of our fresh SmartStart Knowledge base We are excited to give you an early glimpse of the newest iteration of our SmartStart Knowledge base. SmartStart has always been known...

The Strategic Value of Knowledge Management: Part 1
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27 July 2018

65% of online service journeys need human assistance. Huh? Nowadays, people often start their service journeys online. So why do people still need human assistance? Any ideas? We know! Here...

CX at its best, with ‘First Time Right’ answers!
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12 July 2018

Mastering customer service with knowledge management   Creating loyal customers means building trust, to accomplish this you must start by answering their questions ‘First Time Right’. Discover what this means,...