The day after... #servicetomorrow
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13 mei 2019

  Op 9 mei was het zover: Service Tomorrow. Een event georganiseerd door TKC digital: over de toekomst van morgen. Vier sprekers vertellen ons er alles over. Waar moeten we...

TKC TALK met Derek
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10 april 2019

“After learning this, I quickly sent in an application” Can you briefly introduce yourself and say what your role at TKC is? Hailing from the United States, I am a...

Why knowledge management matters to true leaders
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8 oktober 2018

Leaders understand the power of first time right and consistency. They know how to build strong brands. They know what to focus on and how to translate innovations to their...

Hoe bepaal jij de scope van je kennisbank?
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24 september 2018

Vaak krijgen we de vraag: “wat zet je wel en niet in een kennisbank?”. Ons antwoord daarop is best simpel: denk vanuit je klant. Begin maar eens met de service...

Trust in AI-Powered Customer Service
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8 juni 2018

Did you know that 87% of customer journeys start online? Why not finish the journey online with a tailor-made chatbot solution, saving your customers time and you money. Worried? Don’t...