Chatbot Design Workshop

Chatbot: what’s in it for you?

Do you want to deliver an even faster customer experience? Do you want to discover what a chatbot can do for your organization? Then sign up for one of our workshops.

Chatbots can handle a multitude of processes. That’s why we help you implement a focusbot, a chatbot with a singular focus that can be deployed in any part of your organization. An inventory bot, for example, is a focusbot. If your customers want to know if a product is available, they can turn to the inventory bot for an answer. Since the chatbot has a singular focus, they know they can get the answer they need.

During the workshop, we look at your organization’s mission, the expected userbase, and at how to best integrate a chatbot into the existing customer service journey.

During the workshop: 

  • do’s en don’ts of chatbot implementation
  • challenges faced when developing a chatbot
  • ‘best practices’ in AI deployment via Demos


An inspiration session lasts 1 day, excluding intake and preparation.

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