Check out the new features of the OSC 18A release


OSC release 18AWhat is waiting for you in the Oracle Service Cloud 18A release?

This month Oracle will release the 18A version of Oracle Service Cloud. It is the second release after the standardization of the naming conventions of all the cloud applications. For Oracle Service Cloud the release schedule will remain quarterly. But instead of February, May, August and November releases, the releases will be called A, B, C and D. 

Now let’s highlight some of the new features of the 18A release! 

Browser UI

This release adds support in the Browser User Interface for multi-edit workspaces for:

  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Tasks
  • Answers
  • Assets
  • Custom objects

This includes supported fields, controls and options set in the Workspace Designer in the Smart Client.

Knowledge Foundation

Answer Versioning is released for Knowledge Foundation in the .NET Client. Answer Versioning enables knowledge authors to draft and publish versions of answers, compare versions side-by-side and view historical and live versions of an answer. This feature will not yet be available for the Browser User Interface. 

With the new release the CKEditor will also be available for the .NET Client. Previously the CKEditor was only available in the Browser User Interface, but now the .NET Client will also have the ability to add HTML5 content to answers.

You can read the detailed specifications here.