Customer-focused Writing for Chatbots

Making sure your chatbot says the right thing is no easy task. It takes training and a bit of know-how. For a few years now, we have helped companies train their chatbots to be smarter, more agile, and better overall performers. Some bots don’t even need us anymore!

Do you want to learn how to create and enter conversations in a chatbot?

Sign up for one of our proven training sessions. During our client-oriented chatbot writing program, you will learn how to manage chatbot conversations. From flow, variations, and intents, to scope, wording, and conceptual frameworks, you will come away with knowledge on all facets of chatbot development. We even ensure that your chatbot aligns with any existing knowledge bases, while also crafting a custom set of guidelines (a quick reference card) so your entire team can work consistently and collaboratively.

The training comprises 2 days of instruction, excluding preparation and interim supervision.

  • Always On. Always There. Always Helpful.
  • Teach your chatbot the art of conversation.
  • Chatbots for higher customer engagement
  • 24/7 and Scalable
  • Intelligence Advantage
  • Every bot needs a teacher

‘I’m a conversationalist’ – Abby the chatbot

Teach your chatbot the art of conversation and make your bot less robotic.

With years of experience under our belts, we know how to make a chatbot conversational. So don’t feel insecure about letting your customers engage with AI. They might not even notice.

Our 2-day training course shows you the ropes of writing customer-focused content for chatbots. We pay attention to scope, intentionality, decision flows, and how your chatbot fits in with existing systems.

Sound interesting? Get in touch to learn more!

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