Deep Dive – Browser UI Extensions


During the Modern Customer Experience 2018 in Chicago we attended a workshop about Browser UI Extensions. This is a JavaScript framework that can be used to extend the functionality of the Oracle Service Cloud Browser UI. In the Agent desktop application, this has always been done by creating add-ins using the Microsoft .NET Framework but those aren’t compatible with the BUI.


So what can I create?

Well.. basically anything you can think of. You can create UI Interactions, Automate tasks, create screenpops and you can even create API integrations with other systems. It is really cool.

I’m going to give you an example how easy it is to create a BUI Extension yourself. It is very easy but very powerful. All you need is an Oracle Service Cloud environment and a text editor of your choice. The first step is to create an HTML page where you can initialize the type of BUI Extension you want to create. In our example will create an Extension bar that will display on top of every page in the BUI and will display an HTML page with a simple form.



ExtensionBar Screenshot


The /MediaBar/media_bar.html will be in the zip file that can be downloaded here. The only thing you have to do now is upload the BUI Extension like you would do with an add-in.

MediaBar screenshot


  • Zip all the files created into 1 zip file
  • Open the Agent Desktop Client of Oracle Service Cloud
  • Go to “Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Add-in Manager”
  • Select “Agent Browser UI Extension” (Extensies Browser Agent-gebruikersinterface)
  • Click “New” and upload the zip file that you have created
  • Select Extensiontype “Console”
  • Select “ExtensionBar.html” as your Init-file
  • Save and you’re done.


When you open the Browser UI interface it should look like this:

Browser UI Interface


Congratulations, you’ve created your first BUI Extension!

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