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Perfect Match Branded Content and Service ContentWhy Service Content and Branded Content fell in Love

Nowadays, people often start their service journeys online. So how can we increase online conversion rates? Any ideas? We know! Make sure:

  • Service content available online
  • Customers can find the right answers quickly
  • Customers can verify that what they read is both correct and applicable
  • To be proactive in offering your service content

By focusing on the above, you can expect to increase the number of successful online service journeys!


Perfect Match: Branded Content and Service Content

Branded content is hot. It’s attractive, easy to read, and creative. Perhaps more importantly, its how brands communicate directly with their customers. If branded content were a girl, she’d ooze cool, a real trendsetter. But don’t be lulled into thinking she’s the only cool kid on the block. There is a new kid in town, service content.

You might be thinking, isn’t service content a bit, well, boring? No at all! Service content has stepped out of the shadow of branded content. In fact, they complement each other perfectly. Some might even say they are a perfect match. But what do we mean by this?

Let’s consider your average customer service journey. A customer is browsing on his phone before stumbling on some branded content. ‘Wow’, he says, ‘I have to have this new toaster.’ And he makes up his mind, he wants it! But wait, our customer has a question: ‘Can I return my new toaster if I don’t like it.’ Seems easy enough. The customer goes online, but he can’t find a searchable support page. He loads the app on his phone. Same story. He even calls, but the agent puts him on hold. The branded content got him through the door, a big feat, but there was no support to underpin his service journey. In cases like this, 27% of buying journeys are aborted.

Tadaaaah! This is where service content comes in. It refines the flashiness of branded content into a sort of cool elegance. It gives the glitz and glamour more purpose. It offers the right support at the right time and pulls your customer into the buying phase of his journey.
And don’t take service content for a one trick pony. Whether customers call, go to your website, or talk to your chatbot, service content should be there, providing attractive, straightforward information. How’s that for capable?

So what we are saying is- branded content is cool, but so too is service content. If you want to reduce recontact rates, improve customer satisfaction, and increase online conversion rates, then get in touch and we’ll act as your matchmaker, finally getting your branded content to see how attractive service content really is.


Need help with your service content strategy? Let us help you wed your branded content together with your service content. Don’t hesitate to invest 2 days of your time, it’s worth the ride! #welovetohelpyou


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