The Strategic Value of Knowledge Management: Part 1

65% of online service journeys need human assistance. Huh?

Nowadays, people often start their service journeys online. So why do people still need human assistance? Any ideas? We know! Here are the main reasons:

  • Service content is not available online
  • Customers can’t find right answers within the available content
  • Customers can’t verify that what they read is both correct and applicable

By focusing on the above, you can expect to reduce the number of customers needing human assistance by a full 20%


4 building blocks for successful knowledge management:

At TKC, we believe that knowledge management requires a solid foundation, one that consists of four main building blocks. In our vision, each block supports the other:

  1. Vision / strategy
  2. Content and structure
  3. Process and organization
  4. A system to facilitate the above


Vision and strategy

First, define clear and smart goals for both online and human assisted channels. This will help you  keep your eye on the ball as the project grows in complexity. Also think about KPI’s like sales conversion, online completion, first contact resolution, re-contact rates, consistency across channels and so on. Work on the content that supports these goals, as these goals are indicative of customer demands. By proactively addressing KPI’s, you can give customers what they want- an improved customer service experience, one where they don’t need human assistance.

Relatedly, if you have a digital service strategy, focus on digital content. Gartner predicts that customers will manage 85% of their relationships without human interactions by 2020. So let’s make it happen and create a strategy around that. Please note that this in no way means that human assisted channels should be neglected.

During our inspiration sessions, we help you to define your goals and your direction. We delve into the specifics of your company, ensuring that your goals are tailored to your situation. So don’t hesitate to invest 3 hours of your time. You’ll come away with a workable plan and, of course, some inspiration. Interested? Take a look at the agenda below and get in touch. #welovetohelpyou


Agenda of our inspiration session:

  • Introductions
  • What is knowledge management?
  • Trends
  • Benefits
  • Direction with KM
  • Next steps


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