What’s new in Oracle Service Cloud 18c


What's new in Service Cloud?

What’s new in Oracle Service Cloud 18C?

Oracle has released the 18C version of Oracle Service Cloud. It is the fourth release after the standardization of the naming conventions of all the cloud applications. For Oracle Service Cloud the release schedule will remain quarterly. But instead of February, May, August and November releases, the releases will be called A, B, C and D.

Now let’s highlight some of the new features of the 18C release!

Browser UI

This release features a lot of new improvements for the Agent Browser UI that will help agents work more efficiently.

Agent Browser Workspaces

  • Agents can select an alternative email address to send responses to.
  • Labelfonts will have more properties available:
    • Font size
    • Bold
    • Underline
    • Italic
    • Striketrue
  • Multi edit is available for Task and Asset Objects.
  • It’s possible to Propose an Incident for an Answer in the Agent Browser User Interface.
  • When an agent uses chat, they need the ability to interact with and update information associated with the Contact. That is possible now.
  • Multi edit is also available for Custom Objects. This is a major improvement.

Agent browser channels

  • Automatic spell check during chats.
  • Chat supervisor monitoring has been added to the Browser User Interface. It adds the ability to monitor live chat sessions. It also includes:
    • The ability to Join and Leave the sessions.
    • The ability to send a private message to the lead agent while monitoring.
  • Added the Knowledge search tool to add urls or text from the knowledgebase in the chat.
  • It is easier to transfer chats to queues or agents.

Enhancements to the Analytics tools

  • HTML Format support for answer control workspaces.
  • Better comparison tools.
  • Refresh all split levels simultaneously.

Contact Center

The 18C release brings some enhancements to Oracle Knowledge Advanced.

  • It is now possible to enhance the email and subscription templates. You can have more control over the look and feel of notification emails. Notifications are sent to subscribed users about recent article updates or to notify knowledge owners about pending tasks. Users can also subscribe to products and categories to be notified of updates to all articles about those products and categories.
  • Suggested searches have been added. When a user starts typing a phrase or question in the search area, OKA presents the user with article title that best match their partial search phrase or question.
  • In the analytics tool you can segmentate by products and categories. This will help to identify specific products and categories that may cause a bottleneck in the approval process. Administrators can add product and category information to their own reports to gain more insights into article usage and status.


In order to help staying GDPR compliant, the Oracle Service Cloud application has some new features.

  • It’s possible to have privileged users who can redact previously entered data in incident threads. They can convert an entry into a private note as well as edit or remove text and images from the thread. This will aid the requests for correcting or erasing data.
  • Support for custom policies. This means that it is possible to create custom policies to purge custom object records automatically based on a configured ability.

These are the highlights of this 18C release. If you want to read the detailed specifications, click here for the feature summary.

The next release, 18D, will be in November 2018. Stay tuned for more updates!

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