Retail Service Workshop

Online shopping is more popular than ever, the number of e-commerce sales increases every day.
Online shopping usually happens without a hitch, but there are often questions about the order or the product. With the number of service employees stagnant, and with more and more of them working remotely, answering these questions has become increasingly challenging. Now, more than ever, is the ideal time to think about what a perfect world would look like in terms of customer service for retail.
During this workshop we’ll discuss this with a number of other people with a service responsibility in retail.

During this workshop you will:
• Get to know each other and share challenges
• Gather ideas for a perfect world in service
• Design a shared vision on perfect service for retail
• Get refreshing inspiration from a leading vendor in service
• Start turning your inspiration into reality

Date: July 23rd.
Time: 13.00 – 15.00

  • Tinky Bart, CEO, TKC digital
  • Pavani Narayaswamy, Senior Solution Engineer, Freshworks
  • Swaminathan Ragunathan, Head of Solution Engineering, Freshworks

Language: English

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