Tom de Ruijk

Key take-aways of Tom’s keynote ‘CX Tomorrow’:

🌊 There will never be as little change in the world as today. How will you transform your organisation to be ready for the next waves of change? 

🔮 We can’t predict THE future, but how to anticipate potential futureS?

🤖 Don’t be blinded by AI! What’s the role of technology AND humans in creating instagramable and memorable experiences? 

🌱 The CX of Tomorrow needs to go beyond a highly relevant product/service and a great experience! How to create true value for your customers by enhancing their lives?

Tom De Ruyck is Chief Growth Officer at global consultancy Human8 and Professor at IESEG School of Mangement in Paris. He has spoken at events across the globe about the future of CX, the evolution of customer expectations and customer-led innovation. Tom was awarded for his work by amongst others the American Marketing Association, ESOMAR and the CMO Council Asia. 

Tinky’s note
Tom’s view on the future of CX is very inspiring. He is humorous and I cant wait to meet him on stage!