Welcome team TKC
Welcome ex team TKC
Welcome customers
Welcome CM.COM
Welcome Oracle
Welcome eGain
Welcome brothers and sister to the Smart Venture Capital family
Welcome family and friends and in particular: welcome TKC founders Dirk Jan and Jaap, formerly known as The Knowledgebase Company.

What a great company! At TKC we often start workshops with a game to get acquainted. As a result, you get to know each other super quickly and it makes working together so much easier. 
Here’s the thing. Team TKC knows everyone here. But of course you guys don't all know each other.
And that's a shame because you're all such fantastic people! And we're partying together so I guess it’s a good thing if you all get to know each other a little better.

That’s why we’re going to play a game, it goes like this:

Find someone you DON'T know yet.
Introduce yourself to that person.
Then present the following dilemma, we start easy: Camping or skiing?

Find someone else:
Introduce yourself to that person.
This is the dilemma: A glass of wine or a bottle of wine?

Find someone else:
Introduce yourself to that person.
This is the dilemma: Never dance again or never sing again?

So know you know some people a little better!

TKC's core values ​​are: Involved, Knowledgeable and Groundbreaking. 

    When I think of knowledgeable, I think of understanding your profession. We are the market leader in the field of answering customer questions correctly the first time. And we are specialists in knowledge management. We are the thought leaders and keep up to date with new things. And we continuously share this with our customers.
    For me that means always staying one step ahead. I just can’t resist doing that. I keep going. And I see that same enthusiasm in our colleagues. And I am incredibly proud of that!

    Groundbreaking can be found in little things. Doing things slightly differently to keep it fun and to challenge ourselves. For example Service Tomorrow, our next level event about CX. Ore to go that extra mile for our customer. Not being ashamed to open your mouth and share our opinion. And we don't shy away from a little craziness.

    We have grown over the years. But when I started we were the four of us.TKC's first customer was NS. And after 15 years we still enjoy working together and celebrating special moments: we did our 10th KMM together and this year in November we celebrate KM Tomorrow in honor of 15 years of TKC.

    My first customer at TKC was Nuon. From there we grew and added our consultancy and content services to our portfolio. Once that was done, we were off! And over the 15 years we helped 200 customers, all larger enterprises. That didn’t happen overnight but in the beginning I did work day and night. But I never thought of it that way, I enjoyed every moment and it gave me lots of energy. And thankfully we gathered a great team around us and made it into a team effort. Especially Sander who I run the business with today.

    Beautiful people
    So along the way I gathered the most beautiful people around me. I think that is the most important core value of TKC; involvement, connection. We take good care of each other and our customers.

    You may think it's a little crazy, but you've made me to who I am today. And that hit me when I thought about it, a great part of my adult life I spent with TKC and with all of you. And if you all hadn't given us the business, we would not stand here like we do today. Thank you for that.
    I hope that we will continue to build together for years to come, do great projects and have a lot of fun together.

    I would like to ask you all to raise your glass and to toast to this beautiful evening and to the future.
    CHEERS: to you and to TKC and may we grow and prosper for days to come.

    And now it's time to turn up the volume and let Jesse take over. Have fun everyone and go ahead Jesse!

    Have fun and enjoy the evening!