What’s new in Oracle Service Cloud 19A?

Oracle Service Cloud Release 19A

The first 2019 update to Oracle Service Cloud is here! Let’s highlight some of the most important new features added in the 19A release!

Oracle Virtual Assistant UI Enhancement
In 19A, Oracle released a customer and partner facing Virtual Assistant UI to author complex and custom conversations. This release supports multiple languages in a single instance of Virtual Assistance. This enhancement optimizes Natural Language Processing for each language, allowing organizations to tailor their Virtual Assistant responses so as to provide a better overall customer experience. Please contact us if you are interested in Virtual Assistant since this feature currently has limited availability.

GDPR Chat: Remove Denormalized Data
With this release, updates have been provided which allow administrators to update or delete data from the chat table through a new custom report. This way GDPR compliance standards are met.

Email Notification Based on Content Type
Knowledge Advanced users can subscribe to receive email notifications for a particular answer. Once subscribed to the answer, the user will get email notification every time the answer is modified or updated. In this release, this feature has been extended to include subscription based on content type. This allows users to subscribe to all the answers under a particular content type or a combination of content type, product, or category.

Knowledge Advanced: Recommendations and Article Feedback Tables
For large authoring teams, it is important to understand the authoring workload and prioritize resources accordingly. This new capability exposes content, task, subscription and recommendation data so that report administrators can build reports using Oracle Service Cloud reporting capabilities. Providing new views including Recommendations, Feedback, Content, Content Types, Tasks, Subscriptions, and Product & Category Mappings. This way, knowledge administrators can manage the authoring process with visibility into tasks and improve article quality with more granular view of article feedback and responsiveness.

These are the highlights of the 19A release. If you want to read the detailed specifications, click here for the feature summary.

Stay tuned for more Oracle Service Cloud updates!

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