Our Sidebar offers relevant answers in the customer journey!


Sidebar Customer JourneyCheck out our new release: the Sidebar!

The Sidebar is an add-on that you can use on your own customer website. It provides your customers with easy access to knowledge and contact channels. Just by adding a small JavaScript file and a little HTML, you can access the content of your knowledgebase anywhere on your website.

The configuration of the Sidebar is done in Oracle Service Cloud. The JavaScript file provides the interaction between the Sidebar and the Oracle Service Cloud API. It will also push all the HTML content to the Sidebar. The only HTML needed on your website is the button to show the Sidebar.  Learn more about Oracle Service Cloud and its’ API’s here.

Key benefit: it provides service content while keeping your visitor in their journey. For example, visitors stay on the webpage during their buying journey.

Key features

  • Easy access to knowledge items
  • Contextual knowledge based on your own website content
  • Intuitive search
  • Fully customizable
  • Easily integrated in your own website

Make sure you use the right service content on the right channel and in every moment in the customer journey.