TechTuesday deep dive: answer versioning


TechTuesday deep dive: answer versioningLast week we wrote about the new features of the 18A version of Oracle Service Cloud. At TKC digital we are particularly excited about the new answer versioning. TKC adopted version control as a part of our Knowledge Lifecycle Management but loves the new integrated versioning.


So what are the key benefits?

  • Risk-free editing
    You can prepare multiple drafts of an answer without manipulating the existing one. You can also change permissions and access levels without someone noticing.
  • Content planning
    You can prepare different answer versions and schedule their publish times.
  • Audit knowledge
    You can find each version of an answer that was live on any given date for auditing reasons.


What will it do for you?
The new integrated answer versioning lets you:

  • Create multiple versions of the same answer
    Knowledge editors can easily create many versions of the same answer without the need to manipulate the existing answer. For easy maintenance you can set the review data for every version, so that knowledge managers can easily be reminded.

Also a nice feature is that it is possible to see all the changes that are made to an answer in the past.

  • Schedule publishing date and time for each version
    You can create a draft answer as you would normally and publish that version on a specific date and time.
  • Compare two versions of a specific answer
    For easy use it’s possible for the knowledge editors to do a comparison between two answer versions side by side. This will really provide a nice insight into the different answer versions.

You can even select the different access levels to see the difference in the conditional sections of the answer.

  • Use answer reporting
    Knowledge editors and managers will have easy access to answer reports. They can view all the information about answers usages for different versions.


Very cool right? If you want to see more, get in touch!

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