TKC on stakeholdertrip to Nepal

Our CEO, Tinky Bart, left almost 2 weaks ago for a stakeholder trip to Nepal together with @Net4kids. Net4kids is an organization that supports third world countries and Tinky and her husband had the opportunity with other stakeholders to watch and see what Net4kids does to help children who live on the street and in slumbs. As TKC digital we are proud that we are one of the stakeholders.

To get an impression of the city they walked through Kathmandu. First they were received at the Child Watabaran Health Centre before they went to see the children Net4kids is helping. 

A specialized team visits a few slumbs every day with a van, to do a medical check, to handout medicines and to signal serious cases. Some of the children, like the girl in the red t-shirt on the picture on the side, are completely left to their fate. The parents are drunk or have even left for a long time. Besides that, half of the children isn’t wearing shoes, while it gets very cold in de evening. Tinky says: “The thing that touched me the most, was how happy the kids were with a small bag of chips and when they pretend to ride horse on the back of our boys. It was such a special day and it is so special what Net4kids is doing here.”

Two days later, the stakeholders went to a boy and girl house. The children that live here, used too live on the street. In this home they are getting ready to return to society. They also went home after school with a girl to meet her mother. It is good to see that, despite the poverty, there is so much positivism. The mother of the girl is selling pinda’s on the street. Thanks to Net4kids they have a future.

To see a bit more of the country and to get closer to the Nepali people, the stakeholders of Net4kids went to do a trekking with @mountainchildcare or as they call it quests, with orphans of 16+ near Karhmandu. Children of the age 16+ are an extremely vulnerable group, a target for the wrong path.  They get support for 1 year to find their talents and help them to return back into society. The program starts with a screening and introduction. After that they do a 6 day quest which results in a development plan for each individual kid. Based on the plan the kids return every 6 weeks for counseling. They get help in making a curriculum vitae, practice job interviews, speak in public etc. They work with many orphanages, including CWC from Net4Kids. 
The impact for the Nepali kids is huge. They are taken out of their comfort zone (the orphanage, even the slums) into nature and get acquainted with their challenges and how to deal with them. It broadens their vision and provides personal growth. 
The team, led by Hedda, work by Theory U. During the trip the kids are faced with their voices of judgement, open mind, fear and the voice of constraints. Every morning starts with a ritual and a briefing. There are group activities, individual activities and fun activities. Every step and activity contributes to a better understanding of yourself and your growth potential. One of the coaches’ names is Suraj. He is the living example of a street kid who was lucky enough to join the programme. He stuck around after and joined the team. He is now a great coach. The other two coaches were Leeza and Asmita.

Tinky tells us about her experience: “Otto and I were privileged to do a do a shortened version of the quest with the Net4kids stakeholders and I thought it was amazing. It gave me renewed insights about my personal mindset and how I can reach my ambitions in life. For me it was a fantastic and powerful quest and it made me once again realize that it is never too late to learn and change. A memorable and beautiful experience that I will carry with me forever. Thank you for this Hedda!”





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