TKC TALK met Derek

“After learning this, I quickly sent in an application”

Can you briefly introduce yourself and say what your role at TKC is?

TKC talk DerekHailing from the United States, I am a recent transplant to the Netherlands, although, as my name suggests, I have Dutch roots and perhaps an ancestral claim to a seat at the table. I incline towards sardonicism and fancy myself a half-rate Samuel Beckett- an Irish author I wrote a lengthy, if inconclusive, dissertation on while studying at Trinity College Dublin. Affectations, for me, are a comedic vehicle, as you can probably tell. But, getting back to the question, I am a service content consultant- I help clients overhaul and curate their written, customer-facing content. This entails the implementation and management of knowledge bases, as well as the development and orchestration of training seminars.

How did you end up at TKC?

As a consumer, I am often frustrated by customer care and its lack of efficacy, both in practical and experiential terms. TKC is one of the few, if not only, companies, at least to my knowledge, whose primary focus is on bettering the customer service journey within organizations. After learning this, I quickly sent in an application.

Which project are you most proud of?

Since most of the projects I started on are still ongoing, I’ll reformulate the question to “Which project are you most excited to work on?”. Daimler is a big project, and also a complex one. For me, this makes it interesting. I am happy to have helped them, in whatever small way, improve their internal systems and support portal. Moving forward, I am excited to see the end result.

What does your working day look like?

Ever variable. Some days start with a train ride, others start with me opening my laptop at my kitchen table, and others start with a conference call. The beauty of working at TKC is that schedules are constantly shifting, even if the core work is still the same.

What makes you a real TKCer?

I am motivated by our core mission, to help companies answer customer questions first time right, and am able to balance professionalism with conviviality. Our office is full of people getting things done, but it’s also full of laughter, music, and a general friendliness.

What’s something we don’t yet know about you?

I am somewhat of a bibliophile, an affliction I fear will someday require an intervention, or at least a structural reengineering of my apartment.

Why did you bring a book?

To illustrate the extent of my latterly stated affliction and also because I’ve been trying to reclaim my commute. I figure reading is a good use of time. After all, I have enough books.TKC talk Derek


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