Update: What’s new in Service Cloud?


What's new in Service Cloud?

What is waiting for you in Oracle Service Cloud 18B?

Oracle recently released the 18B version of Oracle Service Cloud. It will be the third release after the standardization of the naming conventions for all cloud applications. The release schedule will remain quarterly. However, the release names will now consist of the last two digits of the calendar year, followed by the letter A, B, C, or D, which correspond to the four calendar quarters.

Now let’s highlight some of the new features of the 18B release.



This release adds some GDPR enhancements. It’s now possible to mask sensitive data in Incident Threads. Credit card, Social Security numbers, and telephone numbers can be automatically masked in the incident threads.There are 5 customized masks.

The data lifecycle enhancements are extended with some new policies. From 18B it will also be possible to purge contact information from the transaction logs. The policies can be configured in the Browser UI and will replace the current incident purge policies.


Agent Browser Workspaces

  • Contact and Organization multi-edit workspaces; This feature allows you to simultaneously update more than one record instead of performing the same action on each individual record.
  • Product linking; This is now supported on the Agent Browser User Interface. This feature will help you group your options if you have a lot of categories and dispositions. By linking them to a product, only the relevant categories are shown.
  • Delete multiple records from report; It is now possible to select multiple records in a report in order to delete them. Previously, this feature was only available in the .NET console.

There are some other small enhancements to the Agent Browser User Interface. It provides better workflow management and some additional changes and enhancements to report layouts. It is becoming a standout product.


Oracle Virtual Assistant

Oracle has released its Virtual Assistant in 18B. This is a really nice feature. Oracle Virtual Assistant is a natural language-based, conversational interface that can be used with Oracle Service Cloud. Oracle Virtual Assistant supports real-time, natural interactions through its powerful natural language processing functionality. It provides:

  • Question and answer matching
  • Escalation to a live agent while maintaining the history and context of the conversation
  • Creation of incidents

Oracle Virtual Assistant integrates with the current Oracle Service Cloud chat solution and provides a seamless experience.

These are the highlights of this 18B release. If you want to read the detailed specifications, click here for the feature summary. If you want more information about the Oracle Virtual Assistant, visit this page

The next release, 18C, will be in August 2018. Stay tuned for more updates!

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